PCB-Level EMC, part II


from 8:15am Welcome Coffee

8:45am Room open

9:00am Tasks of the Power Distribution Network (PDN)

  • Controlling voltage ripple
  • Decoupling components
  • Controlling emissions
  • Definition of target impedance

10:30am Coffee break

10:45am Understanding the Problem

  • Parasitic impedances
    • Effects
    • Optimizing impedances

 Planar Power Distribution Networks

  • Implementing extremely low impedance lines
  • Application: Power Distribution Network
  • Supplementing plane characteristics



  • Ensuring functional requirements
    • PDN: equivalant circuit
    • Time Domain properties of the current pulse
  • High Performance Power Distribution Network
  • Isolating sensitive voltage rails
  • Resistive planes
  • Exploiting copper loss

03:00pm Coffee break

03:15pm Optimized Power Distribution Networks

  • Improving RF-Attenuation
    • Resistors
    • Ferrites

 Live-Simulation: Power-Integrity

  • Influence of layer-stackup
  • Reducing Bill-of-Material
  • Occurence of resonances
    • Attenuating resonators
  • Influence of the DC-source
  • Optimizing the PDN
  • Examples from the audience

~ 05:00pm Discussion