PCB-Level EMC, part IV

Emissions, layout & stackup

Understanding the emission-mechanisms at PCB- and module- level and establishing methods for their effective mitigation is the first focus of this course. Gaining insight into the multitude of EMC-relevant aspects of multilayer- stackup und -layout is the second.

The excitation of CM-radiation is explained and appropriate solutions at PCB- and module-level are derived. A very important step towards designing electromagneticaly compatible products is keeping an eye on EMC-relevant aspects during product development. Therefore a variety of precompliance measurements is presented, which provide accurate information at acceptable cost. Also, a measurement procedure for estimating the EMC of ICs is presented. The extensive chapter on multilayer-stackup can be seen as a consolidation, as it distills the gathered knowledge into an optimal stackup & layout, providing best possible functional and EMC-qualities.


The attendee is familiar with the principles of common-mode-exciatation and able to take effective precautions to mitigate the resulting radiated emissions. He's able to conduct effective precompliance measurements and thereby verify the actual EMC-status of the product being developed.

Based on the sound understanding of the topics discussed during the previous days, he is able to specify the optimal layerstackup and layout for the given application.

Who should attend?

Engineers and technicians confronted with EMC-issues in electronic hardware design. Printed wiring layout professionals with a fair understanding of the basics of electromagnetic theory.